Super Bowl I Guess?

A group of birds marches across a residential front yard.
There were hella birds taking our yard by storm during an isolated period of calm weather and warmth. I tried to go outside for a better pic but scared them off.

Sunday, Feb 4th

Well, I’m starting to write my entry for grandpa’s notes as soon as possible again, at midnight.

  • I’m going to use bulleted list points to record today’s notes, because I feel my thoughts are inherently non-linear or focused tonight
  • A 60-minute Bikram Yoga class is coming up for me tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I wanna be there fully for the opportunity to practice
  • I’m wearing earplugs underneath my grayscale Seahawks beanie with the pom-pom on top
  • I laid in my bed and massaged myself for awhile, but I felt myself being pulled to capture some of my late-night thoughts on paper for you all. I’ve been slacking on my proffering of written content
  • I’m smoking the last bit of unconsumed marijuana right now in my little pipe I bought in downtown Missoula, MT. Yum!
  • I think I’ll text Hayley later this morning (normal person hours) and ask if she’d like to read my wholesome childish poem. Then, I can send it to her stanza by stanza. That would be a fun creation to share with her
  • Jess came over tonight. Her and Justin were watching stand up comedy specials on Netflix until around midnight. She now works at what sounds like a country bar and grill in Kent, I believe. When we we’re all outside, she recited the restaurant’s birthday song. Her and Justin broke up soon after they retired to his room.

How can I gather, analyze, store and retrieve information on a topic of interest of mine, so that it outranks other related content on Google when I search for it using the Google search engine?