I wanted to create something as much for myself as for the little rascals I may one day be able to call my offspring. And there’s the little fact that making this kind of a project seem existentially important does give me another little nudge of confidence each day.

How GrandpasNotes.com was born

The idea for this project arrived to me at a time when i was experiencing a great deal of uncertainty as to what purpose my compulsion to write/records would serve. After testing dozens of journaling formats and record-keeping routines, I chose to place my highest-valued treasure at the forefront of my efforts. Those treasures of course are my outstanding parents, friends and future family.

The concept for Grandpa’s Notes maturated into its present form after much reflection on what I most wanted out of my life. At 27 years of age, in 2017, nothing answered the question “What do I most want in this life?” more succinctly than “A family to love and nurture”.

To create and share with others is my greatest joy in life, so I knew that my writing should follow that same interaction cycle.

My aim is for my future children and posterity to be able to look back through time from the perspective of my own strange and silly cataloguing.

Most of these notes may be dull and fruitless to the casual observer. Some entries will be particularly lame, and that’s okay too. However, if just one semi-sane nugget of wisdom is extracted from what I’ve shared and put to good use, I’ll be all the more proud for having accomplished the feat of daily contributions to this archive.

This work is my salvation

In a way, this project could very well have ended up being the expressive outlet that saved my life.

In the summer of 2017, before starting this project, I was in a discouraging struggle with depression and suicidal ideation (what I’ll describe as a state of frequent, unpredictable thoughts/visions of means in which I could end my life). It was profoundly alarming to have these symptoms during a time where I also didn’t have any money, romantic partner or success in my sales career.

I began crawling out of this despairingly emotional barrier by remembering these words, which began emerging during one of my runs through the Nature Trails Park in Normandy Park, WA:

I will choose life and things will improve for me and those I care most about

I simply couldn’t stand still and allow the rich blessings of life to escape me.

I’ll end these introductions with a quote I made up.

Have the most patience for the rewards of your efforts, and reserve no patience for the actions of your efforts. Get to it.

With Love,

Colton James Townsend

A screenshot of a mobile boarding pass for United Airlines
A screenshot of my boarding pass good for my second of two flights as I commuted from Nashville, TN back home to Des Moines, WA. This is the same day I first developed content for the “about” page for grandpasnotes.com.