Colton Townsend’s Journal

Hello there, partner

You’ve likely come to this website for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re a grandchild or other family member of mine who thought it prudent to fact check me on one of my wild stories of my youth
  2. You’re trying to gauge if I’m adequate dating material and found this site after Googling “Colton Townsend”

Either way, welcome to Grandpa’s Notes! This is my daily writing practice that I fully intend on making accessible to anyone who might be curious about what I was up to or thinking about on a particular day.

Building this Blog is a labor of love. In a lot of ways, this work has been a manifestation of self-redemption. Read the About Page for more detail on this site’s history.

Alternatively, use the navigation bar to browse posts. Aw heck, here’s a random one for ya.